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Over the past few months I’ve been working on a new comic. It was going to let me feature pretty much everything I want to do and be all kinds of fun. But it wasn’t really working for me. While is had potentially interesting comics, the ‘motivation’ behind it was to have something to draw regularly as I prepared for Shazram.

But prepared for what? To be a better artist? That’s never going to happen. Though that statement might require some explanation. Simply put, the more I draw, the better I get, the better I get, the better I feel I could be doing. Ergo I’m never going to be good enough to myself. Because I’m always going to be pushing the bar higher and higher.

As a result of that inner struggle I decided that I should be working on a comic I really want to be working on. That comic is Shazram.

As you can see I’m kinda starting over again, there’s a few minor changes to the story, and I’ve split the full pages in half. To prevent spoilers, I’ve removed the older comics from Cult of Bob.

Currently my goal is to update once a week and work my way up from there.

Head on over to to check it out.

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