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I’ve never actually seen Veronica Mars, I might check it out sometime in the future. But the recent Kickstarter thing peaked my interest. It took them about a day to collect the money to make this movie. As of this writing they at least a million more than their goal.

The large amount isn’t really the interesting part though. The interesting part is that Warner Brothers is on board with this. A lot of series with crazy fanbases get cancelled with fans clamoring for more but the studios not believing in a movie. This pretty much changes the game entirely.

There have been some detractors complaining about why the actors or others involved don’t just add their money. This amuses me, it assumes these actors are in fact loaded. They usually aren’t, not as rich as people like to think they are. On top of that investing in a movie like this is risky business. Even if you have a solid fanbase.

By starting this kickstarter they pretty much prove there’s a solid enough market for this movie. Which is also kind of the point of Kickstarter. It’s not just a pre-order service, it’s also a way to gauge interest in something.

I do believe this movie will change the future of some movie productions. Stargate or Firefly anyone?

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