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Let’s talk plans around my comics.

The first plan which is already set in motion, though somewhat incidental, is the removal of the humans in The House Of Madness.

Initially there was going to be an epic space adventure, but by the time it got underway I was also headed out for vacation. So I made some simple gags in the house revolving around the Cultists and the Rats. These were more entertaining to make and in general funnier.

As a result for now the humans will be out and about while the comic focuses on the various denizens of the house. In general this blends well with the title of the comic anyway.

This also makes it less confusing when I start publishing the longform comic Shazram. In which the original version of Shazram has adventure far far away from home. The first page is done and the other pages are coming along nicely. Most likely I’ll go with a once a week update to start with.

Lastly I’ve been working on No Tie Zone comics, which all went poof in a save/copy corruption. So I have to start those over. I will remake them and that comic will focus primarily on the lives of people at a software company. However software won’t be the only focus. This comic will most likely update twice a week, time permitting.

And on top of all that I’m working on various ideas for prints and t-shirt designs which will be available at some point.

Meanwhile if you want to keep track of comics and updates you can do that via various social media places.



Tumblr (showing the images is being worked on)

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