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So apparently this was sneaked onto tv last night as a last ditch effort to keep the license probably. Supposedly it was made in 4 days on a shoestring budget.

For that budget it’s not all that bad. But then I rather like the slower pacing of this. Granted, if this pacing is kept up for the whole book series they’ll be at it for another 20 years just to get to the end.

The bigger hope is of course that a serious studio takes notice and makes something out of it. The major challenge here is that there’s 14 books worth of story that takes place over about 2-3 years. Aging of actors if you do a season per book is going to be major problem. Especially for certain characters.

Obviously the best approach would be to just record the whole thin in a 2-4 time period and then release it in slow installments. But the budget and time requirements on that are pretty serious for anyone.

But who knows, this might be the kick in the but to get things started.

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