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Though it’s lacking in Booster Gold this looks to be an interesting series. Though it does spoil a bunch of cliffhangers from the other series.

That said, knowing Vandal Savage is going to be the villain is interesting. As DC villains go he’s probably one of my most favorite. If it keeps up the production value of Arrow and Flash I’m bound to find it entertaining.

That said, I would like to talk about the lack of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in this series. Now no doubt this is because of rules from up top, DC/Warner has always been very protective of the big three in other media. That said, I rather like it. By not having these heavyweight characters they can focus on fleshing out these B-list characters. It also means they have way more creative freedom in how they’re portrayed (though I was not a fan of this Ra’s Al-Ghul, too much of a whinerbaby).

Ultimately with special effect technology having gotten to a point where they can create series like this without being complete camp, it’s fun to see where all of this is going.

As such I’m totally on board with this.

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