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This is a project that has been on my to do list for a very long time. A painted Maverick Nerf Gun

Basically I had bought everything I needed then forgot about it. Remembered it, took it appart, put it in primer, couldn’t find the grey spraypaint, forgot it again. It was only recently during the move that I located the spraypaint and put it in a place I could find it again. With an event involving cosplay coming up I decided to finally finish it.

Thankfully I still had another one as a guide for putting it back together. After I did the gunmetal grey I used copper paint to add highlight and black model paint to make the grip look cooler.

It’s funny how the gun has stenciled on it that you shouldn’t modify it. This is of course to cover their asses in case of accidents. But even so these guns are made for grown ups to mess around with. They could have easily used Glue to put them together and still have a decent device. But instead this thing can be taken apart and changed easily.

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