My name is Jan Jaap Sandee which is a Dutch name, hence abbreviating it to just JJ Sandee which is easier for English speakers. In a past life I was a coder of reasonable skill. But my general passion has always been creating stories and coming up with them as such I set out on a journey to become creative content creator.


Though I drew some simple stuff as a kid I didn’t really start to learn how to draw until I was about 20 years old. Using books, friends and any other bit of knowledge I could find. At the time I was also still working on webdevelopment and related things.

My general interests would define me, by general pigeonholing our society is wont to do, as a geek. I enjoy reading books in the science fiction and fantasy genre. The same goes for movies. I play boardgames (and dabble in design) and the occasional computer game.

When it comes to drawing I have the most affinity for telling stories using images and conveying information in that way. This is often accompanied by writing, resulting in comics.

As a result my ‘portfolio’ is a weird one. In general I don’t have a lot of single images, yet. On the other hand I’ve written and drawn over a thousand comic pages by now of varying size and complexity.


Comics are also about writing as a result I learned to develop stories in various. Primarily as scripts for comics but there’s also short fiction and some novels in the works. Of course this also means I read, a lot. Favorite authors include Douglas Adams, H.P. Lovecraft, Terry Pratchett, Robert Jordan, Margeret Weiss and Tracy Hickman and many others.

One day I hope to finish an actual novel and publish it, one way or another. Until then I’ll be tinkering on the manuscript and ideas I have laying around. And post the occasional short story online.


Besides writing and drawing my favorite past time is playing boardgames. I own an unhealthy amount and play whenever I can. Of course given my creative nature, ideas for my own boardgames are also ever present. So you can expect regular posts on my boardgaming adventures and ideas.

Martial Arts

Inspired by too many movies I joined a Karate school when I was fifteen and after ten years of hard training I earned my black belt. Then I moved away and for a while didn’t train anything until I picked up Kung Fu. While I enjoyed it the style of training did not appeal to me and I quit. These days I found a school that trains Samurai Ju Jutsu, Taijutsu and Historical European Martial Art (and some other stuff). Martial Arts are a big part of my life both in my mental and physical development.


And that’s a short summary of me and what I do. There’s more but have to leave some mystery.