A Trip to the Zoo

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There’s a zoo about an hour away from us. Used to visit it as a kid a lot but it’s been changed significantly since I’ve been there. This week I went there again since it’s been heavily remodeled. On the whole the set designers deserve serious praise they really made the place look cool and… Read more »

Re-imagining Highlander

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Recently I started watching both the Highlander modies and series. From a conceptual level it’s a great idea but the execution really leaves a lot to be desired. The idea of ancient men running around in our modern world lopping off heads and taking power is pretty sweet. But since there’s a lot of nonsensical… Read more »

The Martian

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Every now and then something pops up that has everyone raving about. Recently one of those things was The Martian. Everyone from John Carmack, Chris Hadfield to Adam Savage were raving about this book. Normally when things get a lot of attention I tend to get skeptical, but these are also people I respect for… Read more »

Maverick Nerf Gun paint job

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This is a project that has been on my to do list for a very long time. A painted Maverick Nerf Gun Basically I had bought everything I needed then forgot about it. Remembered it, took it appart, put it in primer, couldn’t find the grey spraypaint, forgot it again. It was only recently during… Read more »


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When it comes to ‘cons’ in the Netherlands there aren’t many, and not many allow for any kind of cosplaying. There are however a few events out there that allow it, which attract all manner of crazy cosplays. One of those is Castlefest which started as a music festival and grew to a huge 4… Read more »