Birthday gifts

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Another year another birthday. But with awesome friends it does result in great gifts. Such as these little plushie rats. They were given to my by a good friend who runs Puppit Productions. They’re mounted on a previous gift I had gotten from her.

Random Doodles

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After not drawing for over a month I found I was very rusty at the whole drawing and making comics act. So I took to facebook and asked my friends for some suggestions of stuff to draw. This is basically the result:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

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Though it’s lacking in Booster Gold this looks to be an interesting series. Though it does spoil a bunch of cliffhangers from the other series. That said, knowing Vandal Savage is going to be the villain is interesting. As DC villains go he’s probably one of my most favorite. If it keeps up the production… Read more »

Wheel of Time Pilot

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So apparently this was sneaked onto tv last night as a last ditch effort to keep the license probably. Supposedly it was made in 4 days on a shoestring budget. For that budget it’s not all that bad. But then I rather like the slower pacing of this. Granted, if this pacing is kept up… Read more »

Scarebot Chasing Kittens

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So I was bored while watching Tess her channel and asked for suggestions involving scarebot. Tess suggested scarebot chasing a whole lot of kittens. So I got crazy with copy and paste, drew a bunch of kittens and then copied and pasted them to make them look like more. Total time for this was about… Read more »