Some art blogging

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In an attempt to have some more interesting works up here, here’s an image I digitally painted. I keep telling myself I’m going to ‘finish’ it but at the same time I’ve never really set a specific ‘aim’ for it. So let’s just call it done in a nice grayscale. It’s based on an image… Read more »

Blacksmithing for beginners

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Some people at Historical European Martial Arts want to start a group for Battle of Nations. A sort of hardcore warfare re-enactment. However that requires realistic looking armor to participate. So they came up with the idea of making most of the armor themselves. For this they set up workshops with a master blacksmith. To… Read more »

Let’s talk about GamerGate

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This is a bit ranty and perhaps a bit rambling, but then I’m prone to ramble. Unless you’ve been living under a virtual rock you’ve probably heard about gamergate at some point. The basics of it is that a bunch of highly unpleasant people felt the need to harass some women in gamedevelopment but realised… Read more »

Staying black and white and other thoughts

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For the comic Nismorack I deliberately stay in black and white. This is partially to keep the creation process as short as possible. But also because it forces me to draw better. Using color it’s very easy to emphasize something or draw attention somewhere. By keeping the comic in black and white with only dot… Read more »

Shazram drawn by Doug Hills

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From the guy who wrote the book on working with Manga Studio comes a pretty sweet drawing of Shazram. He was taking requests on a pay what you want system and I asked if he was willing to draw Shazram. I absolutely love this rendition. You can see more of Doug Hills’ work on his… Read more »