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In the past few years I’ve kinda switched between being a freelancer and having a job. In the last job I even did freelance work next to it. This hampered my ability to fully delve into becoming a better artist. The idea of freelancing was that I’d have better control over my hours but it… Read more »

Spiel 2013 in Essen

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Each year in Essen Germany boardgamers make a trek to see one of the biggest boardgame conventions around. (could be the world at least Europe) This was the second time I want there with a pocket full of money and a convenient method of storing the games. And like last year I came home with… Read more »

Back in Black and White

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Those of you reading The House of Madness have undoubtedly noticed it’s back in black and white. While I had written a post about why it went poof so let’s just run by it again. There’s some big changes coming up in my life. Most notably the fact that I’m starting a new job in… Read more »

Mandatory rest

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Recently I picked up martial arts again. Since I tend to not do things half-assed, I went for three nights a week doing all kinds of fun things. Of course at some point I sort of strained my arm, nothing serious just a minor strain. But I kept training, because I’m a tough guy like… Read more »

Going fulltime freelance

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As has been mentioned in an earlier post I’m going fulltime freelance soon. This week is my last week at my parttime job after which I go into fulltime freelancing. As a result the last week this week has been a lot of roundup and also preparing for a change of income stream. This results… Read more »