Single panel comic flash fiction

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This was actually inspired by Aaron Diaz from Dresden Codak. He mentioned this on twitter to draw a single panel from a comic that doesn’t exist. Supposedly Moebius did it as well. This boils down to essentially flashfiction in comic form. I found this a great challenge so I tried my hand at it as… Read more »

The Self Confidence Myth

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As titles go this one is a bit controversial as it suggests that Self-Confidence isn’t actually something that exists. Since myths tend to be of the fictional persuasion. So humor me as I attempt to clear this up. Recently I’ve been digging into Martial Arts and it’s various streams, origins, philosophies, methods etc. What I… Read more »

Some major changes up ahead

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Those of you who have kept up with reading my comics will have noticed a distinct lack of updates. This was caused by a combination of getting back from holiday, having freelance work coming up and making some changes. The biggest change is that starting in August I’ll be working freelance fulltime. Which, in theory,… Read more »