Re-imagining Highlander

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Recently I started watching both the Highlander modies and series. From a conceptual level it’s a great idea but the execution really leaves a lot to be desired. The idea of ancient men running around in our modern world lopping off heads and taking power is pretty sweet. But since there’s a lot of nonsensical… Read more »

Maverick Nerf Gun paint job

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This is a project that has been on my to do list for a very long time. A painted Maverick Nerf Gun Basically I had bought everything I needed then forgot about it. Remembered it, took it appart, put it in primer, couldn’t find the grey spraypaint, forgot it again. It was only recently during… Read more »

Birthday gifts

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Another year another birthday. But with awesome friends it does result in great gifts. Such as these little plushie rats. They were given to my by a good friend who runs Puppit Productions. They’re mounted on a previous gift I had gotten from her.

A short vacation in Norway

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This post is a bit late to the party because I had issues with uploading images before. I took a short vacation of a week to go see my girlfriend who was at the time working as an Au pair in Norway. Didn’t do much really other than hang out and walk some. But there… Read more »

The Triumphant Return of Shazram

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Over the past few months I’ve been working on a new comic. It was going to let me feature pretty much everything I want to do and be all kinds of fun. But it wasn’t really working for me. While is had potentially interesting comics, the ‘motivation’ behind it was to have something to draw… Read more »