DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

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Though it’s lacking in Booster Gold this looks to be an interesting series. Though it does spoil a bunch of cliffhangers from the other series. That said, knowing Vandal Savage is going to be the villain is interesting. As DC villains go he’s probably one of my most favorite. If it keeps up the production… Read more »

Shazram drawn by Doug Hills

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From the guy who wrote the book on working with Manga Studio comes a pretty sweet drawing of Shazram. He was taking requests on a pay what you want system and I asked if he was willing to draw Shazram. I absolutely love this rendition. You can see more of Doug Hills’ work on his… Read more »

Panels, pages and composition

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Currently I’m working on Shazram a lot which is my longform comic. As I work on the pages I get a chance to evaluate things without being horribly pressed by a deadline, while still being on target for my planned timeline. One of the things I encountered recently was how I set up my pages… Read more »

Background Bar

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In an attempt to improve the overall quality of The House Of Madness I’ve started with creating more detailed backgrounds. Which can obviously be reused on a regular basis. There will probably be more backgrounds to follow. And possibly assets. MangaStudio 5 makes the managing of assets very convenient. This particular background is still split… Read more »

New shirt design: Lab Rat

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It’s no secret that I absolutely love rats. Even better is rats dressed in in thing that’s not entirely normal. The concept of a Lab Rat is of course the most obvious to make. The challenge with t-shirt designs is having them produced. I’m not a huge fan of POD (print on demand) services. The… Read more »