Spiel 2013 in Essen

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Each year in Essen Germany boardgamers make a trek to see one of the biggest boardgame conventions around. (could be the world at least Europe) This was the second time I want there with a pocket full of money and a convenient method of storing the games. And like last year I came home with… Read more »

Single panel comic flash fiction

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This was actually inspired by Aaron Diaz from Dresden Codak. He mentioned this on twitter to draw a single panel from a comic that doesn’t exist. Supposedly Moebius did it as well. This boils down to essentially flashfiction in comic form. I found this a great challenge so I tried my hand at it as… Read more »

Good writing and language

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Shakespear contributed 1700 words to the English language and even caused the language to be restructured. Which is one of the reasons he’s still remembered as a great historical writer. It makes one wonder if such things can still happen. Interestingly they can, but in a different way. Pop culture references are becoming more and… Read more »

Veronica Mars and the case of the Kickstarter

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I’ve never actually seen Veronica Mars, I might check it out sometime in the future. But the recent Kickstarter thing peaked my interest. It took them about a day to collect the money to make this movie. As of this writing they at least a million more than their goal. The large amount isn’t really… Read more »