Before I settled on my job as a Teacher I really wanted to become a comic artist and make a living doing my own thing. It didn’t entirely pan out the way I wanted, but I did end up with a large collection of comics I created. Here’s a list of all the comics I’ve produced.

The House of Madness

This is the comic that started it all. It began as a short story I wrote during a lunchbreak. Then I sort of got in touch with a potential artist, but he didn’t have time so I opted to do it myself. It follows the, at the time, standard pattern of having people you know as characters having zany adventures. In hindsight there’s still some good stuff there, most of it was off the cuff and weird. Also the fancy logo was made by the amazing Xero Reynolds.

No Tie Zone

The House of Madness was hard to keep up with in terms of new ideas. While I was doing the comic thing I was also working in Webdevelopment and figured I could get some ideas going with a new comic. It didn’t really last very long as the characters weren’t as well rounded as I wanted them.


My first foray into the long form format that never made it very far. That said, I still have a warm heart for Shazram and I’d like to revisit him some day. But I may have to think long and hard about the level of detail I want to put into a comic and the style of coloring I want to implement.


A sort of on the side thing with black and white comics purely focussed on random things of personal experiences. It had some good idea though so it works rather well.

Cult of Bob

The latest creation and also the most random. It centers around a bar unhinged in time and space. Allowing for any number of weird ideas. It’s also where I took various characters from The House of Madness such as Bob and the Sapient Lab Rats.

Tim The Apprentice

This was a collaboration with another great artist. It was a thing that we made for fun to also poke fun at various fantasy tropes. Eventually we sort of got too busy with other things and it died out. It follows the adventures of Tim who is apparently the chosen one. Or has been chosen at least.