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Sometimes when reading twitter I have this momentary thought of unfollowing almost everyone except @CapybaraDaily that seems like a peaceful way of using twitter.

I mean I could see this work as a movie. Not sure about Tom Holland but could work.

The Incredible Machine a M. Night Shayamalan movie. I'm sorry I just couldn't resist. More seriously: Chrono Trigger by Guilermo del Toro.

This is apparently an actual thing? I feel I should watch this. >.>
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C. Robert Cargill @Massawyrm
For those not hip to why so many of us are freaking out, GRIZZLY 2 is one of those classic "lost movies" a movie whose filmstock was seized by the Soviet union for tax issues, regained 4 years later, then abandoned before it could be finished. Only a rough cut has existed since.

This movie got attention because of the looks. Had Sonic already looked like the it would have been received with a resounding 'meh'.

I'm currently working on a master thesis. And the one thing I've noticed, at least in the papers I have read, is that the language used is not that complicated. The words are precise but not needlessly complicated. ...


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